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Superior Quality

Package Wash Australia (PWA) is an established company providing a unique plastic packaging cleaning service to a number of industries.

We provide our customers with a safe, highly adaptable, convenient, and reliable cleaning service, which ensures a dependable consumable product for use within the Food and Beverage Industry.


Package Wash Australia can accommodate your packaging cleaning requirements including; Layer Pads, Pre-Form Bins, Plastic Pallets, Export S Bins, Corpak Bins, Tote Boxes and more.

Package Wash Australia ensures a prompt cleaning service to assist our customers to effectively manage their pool of packaging products.

Frequent washing assists in prolonging the life of layer pads and washable plastic packaging.

Quality Policy

Package Wash Australia (PWA) is redefining the cleaning standards of plastic packaging materials for use in the Australian Food and Beverage Industry.

The cleaning practices employed by PWA are of a superior standard and are clearly targeted at improving hygiene standards within the industry.

PWA adheres to the standards and principles of the HACCP system and is committed to delivering a quality, hygienically assured and cost effective cleaning solution to our returnable packaging customers.

16th February, 2007
Package Wash Launches New Website!
Package Wash Australia has been one of the packaging industry's best kept secrets for the last four years. It's time to share our solutions with the world!

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